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Tailor-made Retirement and Benefits Planning

FL&K Qualified Plan Services endeavors to provide a hands-on approach that works from the top down and from the ground up in the development of a tailor-made retirement benefit plan system that addresses tax-advantaged, post-retirement income and medical expense needs for the most discriminating and sophisticated client.

The ever evolving landscape of retirement benefit planning demands a professional resource that is not only competent in the discipline, but also fully committed to a service mentality that recognizes, properly interprets, and most importantly, communicates change in a positive, pro-active manner to both Plan Sponsors and referral sources.

As principal architects on the benefits landscape, FL&K will never discount the reward of designing a benefits package that not only protects and enriches the lives of so many plan participants and their families but also, ultimately, the employer and plan sponsor.

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FL&K Qualified Plan Services echoes the commitment of our managing partner.

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