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About FL&K Qualified Plan Services

FL&K Qualified Plan Services echoes the commitment of our management team. We endeavor to provide a hands-on approach that works from the top down and from the ground up in the development of a tailor-made benefit plan system for the most discriminating and sophisticated client.

FL&K understands, appreciates and values the dynamics of professional teamwork . Guiding Plan Sponsors through the multiple business, financial, risk management, tax, legal and investment complexities that are constantly changing requires a combination of vision, diligence and professional cooperation. FL&K Qualified Plan Services’ mission is to assist the professional team in providing that guidance.

As a totally independent, full service, fee based, third party administrator (TPA), FL&K Qualified Plan Services depends on the goodwill of, and is committed to, the numerous accounting, legal and financial professionals, in addition to, Plan Sponsors that it serves, nationwide.

FL&K specializes in consulting, design and administration of all forms of traditional Profit Sharing and Pension Plans including Safe Harbor, New Comparability and Age Weighted IRC §401(k) Profit Sharing Plans; Cash Balance and Fully Guaranteed Defined Benefit Plans.

FL&K’s Super 401k Plan™ is a dynamic combination of qualified retirement plans that allows a client to contribute 3X to 20X the otherwise maximum contribution limits of a stand alone 401k profit sharing plan.

FL&K’s 401h PRIME Accounts: Post-Retirement Individual Medical Expense Reimbursement Accounts. The PRIME Account is a tax-trifecta: tax deductible contributions; tax exempt earnings, tax free payouts of all principal and earnings to reimburse/pay post-retirement medical expenses. In our current political climate what could be more timely. Social benefits, especially for those people who are financially successful, will change. 401h allows us to self-insure in the most tax efficient manner and allows successful persons a tax advantaged means to cover themselves and their dependents.

“As principal architects on the benefits landscape, FL&K will never discount the reward of designing a benefits package that not only protects and enriches the lives of so many plan participants and their families but also, ultimately, the employer and plan sponsor.”      – FL&K Qualified Plan Services Management